Traditional Net Fishing Trip in Ii and Lunch

You will set your nets on a professional fisherman’s boat at sea in Ii. You will experience the marine nature with all your senses and at the end of the trip you will pull up the nets in the hope of catching fish. At the end of the day we will smoke fresh fish together.

There have been commercial fishing off the coast of Ii since at least the Middle Ages. Fishing is still an important source of food and a hobby for many here, for some it is a profession. You can try traditional net fishing in a professional fisherman’s boat. At the beginning of the trip, we will set the nets in good fishing spots, depending on the season. In between, we’ll have coffee while enjoying the sea air and admiring the nature.

Finally, together we will haul up one or two sets of nets, catching perch and pike depending on the season, and whitefish in autumn. On this excursion, you’ll have a lot of hands-on experience: holding the top pole of the net and feeling the tugs of the fish in your hand, you’ll remove the catch from the net and handle it correctly. Seagulls and White-tailed eagles may try to get their share of the catch. And what about seals?

Once out of the water, you’ll get involved in smoking fish in the outdoor kitchen. The day ends with a meal of smoked fish, fresh from the sea.

The boat is a seven-metre aluminium open boat with a flat, firm bottom, so fishing is comfortable and safe. Equipped with fish finder and powered by a 100 horsepower four-stroke Honda.