Västerbottens Museum

Västerbotten’s museum is one of Sweden’s 24 county museums and the largest cultural heritage actor in Västerbotten’s county

Gammlia Open-air museum
Gammlia is one of Sweden’s oldest open-air museums. The manor house Sävargården was the first building that was moved here, as early as 1920. A farmstead, storehouses, barns, a church, and Sami camps have been added since then. In the summer, the buildings are open to visitors. Celebrating Midsummer at Gammlia is a beloved tradition amongst the citizens of Umeå, as well as the largest Christmas market in Västerbotten with locally produced handcraft and food.

Broad variety of exhibitions
The main museum building offers a broad variety of exhibitions. Documentary photography has a prominent role at the museum. Not least through the many award-winning photographer, author and field anthologist Sune Jonsson, who was associated with the museum for several decades.

Free admission

A flight image over the open air museum

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