Fly-fishing Baltic Salmon - guided tours

Enjoy the adventure of going on a guided fly fishing tour for Baltic Salmon. Where the Wild River Runs is a paradise for flyfishing and nature lovers!

A local guide takes you to the best fishing spots for that moment, and shows you the pools, hotspots, lines, and flies that work for the moment. While fishing you can also ask the guide for casting instructions.  The guides have many years of experience and are skilled in both single & doublehand rods and we go fishing where nobody else is fishing. Maximum 3 persons per guide to maximize the experience.

You can choose between:

Fly-fishing guided tour – whole day including transportation, lunch & coffe/tea.
Fly-fishing guided tour with a raft – whole day including transportation, life jacket, lunch & coffee/tea.

You can stay at Kvarnfors Lodge. The newly renovated Lodge is suitable for 1 up to 12 people, directly adjacent to the beautiful wild river Lögdeälven.  The lodge is also located near the sea with its wide, white sandy beaches on the shaving coast of Nordmaling.

In summer you have 24/7 (day) light so that you can enjoy long days! In the winter there is a good chance to see the Northern Lights, A green sky while the beautiful landscape is covered with a layer of snow.









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