Active outdoors along Bothnian Coastal Route – summer

Do you long for an active holiday in an exciting coastal environment? The perfect time for outdoor activities around Bothnian Bay is June-September. At this time you find a lot of things to do and can do your favorite activity in several destination, guided or with rental equipment.

One full day is spent kayaking in the archipelago, in addition there are exciting guided tours on horseback, in a white-water raft, on SUP-boards and rope trails. A few adrenalin rushes are included too. Biking and hiking are included as guided tours and also self-guided (rental bike).

The sample itinerary is planned with public transport, but can be done by rental or own car.

An active and wonderful experience holiday.

  • The itinerary is designed for FIT travelers.

  • Kindly note that most guided activities have a minimum of 4 persons. 

  • The mentioned opening hours, and tour times apply for summer 2024 and are due to changes. 

  • See Distance table for driving distance between destinations.

Day 1: Arrival in Oulu

Arrival at Oulu airport (OUL)

Several flight connections via Helsinki are available from Europe.

It is possible to rent an electric or hybrid car is at Oulu Airport. 

You reach Oulu city centre by buses 8, 9 and 9K from the airport. The connection is about 30 min and runs twice per hour on weekdays.

Accommodation at GreenStar Hotel in the centre of Oulu.

The closest restaurant to the hotel is Rosso, but in case you do not arrive too late, we recommend Restaurant Mallassauna.


Day 2: Oulu

Breakfast at the hotel.

Meet your guide at Lappis Water Park in Oulu, which is only a short walk form the hotel.

A guided tour of stand up paddling around Oulu river delta area is a fine way to kick-off your active coastal holiday.

Lunch anywhere in the city center.

Oulu is perfect for cycling and the guided cycling tour starts at Oulu Market Square, close to the hotel.

Dinner at eco-conscious Tuba Food & Lounge. 

Accommodation at GreenStar Hotel. 

Day 3: Haparanda

Breakfast at the hotel, whereafter the journey continues by bus or to Tornio.

Public bus departures: 
09:33 – 11:22 Sat
12:33 – 14:40 Mon, Thu, Fri
14:33 – 16:22 Sun

As you are crossing the border to Sweden, remember to change to Swedish time (CET) from Finnish time (EET).

Arranged transfer from Tornio to Kukkolaforsen in Sweden.

In case you travel by car, drive to Kukkolaforsen in Sweden, driving time 2 hrs.

Sauna experience at Kukkolaforsen follwoed by dinner and accommodation.

Day 4: Haparanda / Luleå

Breakfast at the restaurant of Kukkolaforsen.

Winte water rafting is an exciting experience! Here rafting is done on the border-river of Sweden and Finland.

Depature from Kukkolaforsen by arranged transfer to Haparanda train station. Train between Haparanda and Luleå run frequently, daily. Grab some snacks and beverages to have on the train.

15:24-17:30 Train from Haparanda to Luleå
We recommend to take a taxi at Luleå train station to First Camp Arcus, no need to book in advance.

If you travel by car, you have a 1,5 hrs drive from Kukkolaforsen to First Camp Arcus.

You can rent a bike, go hiking or try out fishing at First Camp Luleå.

Lunch and dinner at Restaurant Kajen at First Camp.

Accommodation at a seafront cabin.

Day 5: Luleå / Skellefteå

Breakfast at Fist Camp Luleå.

Day trip with sea kayak in Luleå archipelago, arranged transfer to the meeting point. The tour is 4 hrs and you need to bring your own snacks and beverages.

You might want to have something to eat at First Camp before departing, or take away something for the bus ride at the station.

Bus drive to Skellefteå takes about 2,5 hrs and there are several daily connections.

16:10-18:20 Bus from Luleå to Skellefteå

In case you are driving, it is 1,5 hrs between Luleå and Skellefteå.

Check-in to Wood Hotel in the city center.

Dinner and accommodation at Wood Hotel. There are several resataurants in Wood Hotel, e.g. Paolos.

Day 6: Skellefteå

Breakfast at Wood Hotel. Check-out after breakfast.

Before lunch you get to experience horseback riding on a tour Alongside the water meadow. Arranged transfers or your own car takes you to Horses of Taiga.

There are several daily bus connections between Skellefteå and Umeå, the duration is 2-3 hrs, dependng on connection.
Recommended bus connetion: 17:10-19:30

By car the drive takes 2hrs.

Check-in to Hotel U&Me and dinner at Gotthards Krog.

Accommodation at Hotel U&Me.

Day 7: Umeå

Breakfast at the hotel.

Guided hiking tour in the city of Umeå. Even if we are not going out to the nautre, you will need good shoes, as there is much to see and many kilometers to walk in Umeå.

In case you are a nature lover, we recommend an self-guided hike on Tavelsjö Trail. You can reach Tavelsjö by public bus or drive there by car. Tavelsjö Wärdshus offers nice fika or lunch.

Dinner at Restaurant Harlequin.

Accommodation at Hotel U&Me.

Day 8: Umeå / Vaasa

Breakfast at the hotel.

Arranged transfer to Waslaines terminal, for a ferry connection by Wasaline to Vaasa in Finland. In case you travel with your car, remember to book the car place on board.

The sea jouney is 4 hrs and you change from Swedish time (CET) to Finnish time (EET) during the trip.

We recommend this connections for this itinerary
08:00-13:00 Wed, Thu, Sun

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon at Stundars Outdoor Museum. You can take a taxi from the ferry terminal and the drive is app 15 minutes.

Check-in to Greenstar Hotel in Vaasa.

Dinner at Bock’s Corner that is a local restaurant and brewery close to Vaasa canter.

Accommodation at GreenStar Hotel.

Day 9: Vaasa

Breakfast at the hotel.

Today’s outdoor adventure rises the adrenalin levels! A rib boat tour takes you to Strömmingsbådan in the archipelago. Remember to bring snacks and beverages!

There is one daily busconnection between Vaasa and Molpe, which is the departure point of the rib adventure. We recommend an arranged transfer in case you are not travelling by car. 

NB! Exceptionally this tour has min 8 persons, so book well in advance. The company has other rib boat tours and it might be possible to change between the tours in case there is not 8 persons in total on the concerned day. 

Dinner at Restaurant Hejm and accommodation at GreenStar Hotel Vaasa.

Day 10: Vaasa

Breakfast at the hotel.

Discover Vaasa by bike before continuing your journey. Visit Vaasa tourist office is able to give you information on the best routes for the day.

For this day we recommend a picnic as lunch.

Bus to Kalajoki takes 2hrs 40min
15:00-17:40 Mon-Sat
17:30-20:10 Sun

Driving by car takes 2hrs 15min.

Check in to Tahkokorva apartments.

The closest restaurant is Tapion Tupa for dinner.

Day 11: Kalajoki

Self-made breakfast or if you wish to go to Hotel Lokkilinna for breakfast.

Siiponjoki river meanders its way to the Baltic Sea through sandy terrain and ends in Rahja archipelago. Today we discover this natural beauty by canoes. Picnic is packed and in case you still feel hungry after the tour, there are snacks served at Safarihouse, where the tour ends.

Kalajoki is well known for its watersport offering. Surfcenter on the beach is a given for those who wish to try out wind surfing.

Accommodation at Tahkokorva apartments.

Day 12: Kalajoki

Self-made breakfast or if you wish to go to Hotel Lokkilinna for breakfast.

Today you get to experience Kalajoki from the sea. A coastal discovery tour is made on jet-skis.

Lunch can be enjoyed at Tapion Tupa, the lunch buffet is well known as a tasty and genuine.

Remember to visit the famous selfie-point on top of the sand dunes and take in the breathtaking view!

Accommodation at Tahkokorva apartments.

Day 13: Departure from Oulu

Self-made breakfast or if you wish to go to Hotel Lokkilinna for breakfast.

Check-out from the accommodation.

Bus from Kalajoki to Oulu takes 2 hrs
12:14 – 14:15 Daily connection

You have time for a good sauna bath before an evening flight, or before retreating to your airport accommodation in case you have a morning deaprture.

Departure from Oulu (OUL) airport.